help me, i am trapped

in a haiku factory

save me, before they

doctor who reaction post: VOD 😍😍

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A son went into a rarely-used bedroom in his mother’s home and discovered thousands of wasps had made a giant nest in a bed. An estimated 5,000 wasps had created a nest by chewing through bedding, including a blanket and pillow. Pest-control expert John Birkett was called to tackle with the mound of wasps inside the mattress at the five-bedroom home in Winchester, Hampshire.


@francescavfataar: “ran into a favorite drummer today! matt helders, ladies and gentlemen #arcticmonkeys”


So at work yesterday we only had pink spoons to hand out for the frozen yogurt and every male asked if we had a different color spoon because they did not like pink and it’s femininity and lemme tell u that this proves boys are weak and a fuckjng pink spoon proved that

Fuck it.
Rae, where you going?

@ my neighbour who just got a new kitten - v soz but I’m gonna have to steal it :/ #cat #kitten #cute 💕

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Alex Turner - Monkey Acrobat 

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