Cosima + turning into a 5-year-old around Delphine


the fact that some people on this site are sexually aroused by benevolent cucumberpatch  is proof that someone will find you attractive no matter how ugly you may be. there is always hope

I had my first shift at work today that didn’t end at close and it got to 3 o’clock and the other girl hadn’t turned up yet so I asked my boss if I could go and he laughed at me like “why are you asking” sorry 4 not just fucking off gosh

Anonymous: "babe"


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This is my proudest moment.

put ‘babe’ in my ask if you’d date me

Yo does anyone know any torrent sites or torrent site proxies that I can access with BT internet??? All the proxies I’ve found that work have ads as all the download links I need working torrent sites or I might cry

Selfies from the other day in case u forgot what I look like 😘

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Simnel cake is hella pretty (yes those are peanut M&Ms 😂) #cake #easter #baking


I am more than alright with Hannibloom.

I am sort of okay with the fact that Alana’s and Hannibal’s conversations/pillow talk apparently always has to concern Will.

Season 2 has been absolutely incredible so far.

But I swear to God, if they kill off Alana and then make her death exclusively about Hannibal and Will, I will not be amused in any way, shape, or form.

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